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Thread: So you think I'm a racist, FF2 ?

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    So you think I'm a racist, FF2 ?

    This is a e-mail I received from one of my best friends who happens to be black. This is his response to another persons response (a liberal like you)calling me a racist, because I called Chad Holly a piece of sht.

    Background; Chad Holly was roughed up by the cops following an arrest after Chad and his 3 fellow gang bangers were caught kicking in doors of people houses, some occupied. Chad, ran from the cops, was grazed by a patrol car and was subdued by the officers, but, in the process he was kicked several time when he refused to take his hands out from under himself. As a matter of course we had the usual rabble rouser's crawling out; Quanell X, CongressWOMAN Shelia Jackson Lee, the "New" Black Panthers, Et-Al. The officers were charged. The first officer who was only there for 3.9 seconds was acquitted last week sparking the screaming indignation you'd expect. No justice no peace!!! Never a word about poor little Chad's kicking in old lady's doors and terrifying her or that the horrible bruising around "the fine young man" (s) eye was in fact, ocular gonorrhea that a Dr. testified was being treated prior to his arrest.

    So, I wrote that I was happy the cop got off and Holly was a piece of crap, which I was then called a racist. Right after "this fine young man" got arrested AGAIN last week for kicking doors in with, guess what!" 3 of his friends!
    My response to being called a racist and having the satisfaction of the scumbag being arrested and knowing the name calling Lib will now have to eat sht.

    [COLOR="Red"]I hate all, regardless of color, thieving, murderous, dishonest scumbags equally. Unfortunately per capita (thanks to liberals, who seem to think black people are incapable of doing anything for themselves and, fostering a "entitlement mentality") there are more black to dislike. Thankfully we're starting to see blacks who have a national voice starting to let the truth be known and people are starting to not buy into the bull**** of "da po oppressed ain't my fault mentality", Like the pile of **** Chad Holly " he's been off of his meds" BULL****! He's a gangbanging piece of crap as he ALWAYS was. My friend Natalie, was his high school teacher and she's told me what a piece of crap he is.Oh, by the way, those sweet chilldrens in Aldine H.S. "affectionately referred to her as "The White Btch"
    [COLOR="Red"][COLOR="Red"][COLOR="Red"][COLOR="Olive"]My BLACK friends response to what I wrote,

    You are AWESOME brother.

    I'm blessed to be able to count you as one of my best friends in the world.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

    His name is Derril Vallery and the "white btch" teacher is Natalie Michelle Hicks, Both are on Facebook and both will verify this as you seem to think I spin tales.
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    What's FF2.

    Seems dumb.


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    [QUOTE=32green;4493556]What's FF2.

    Seems dumb.

    , I really need to proof read.

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    Cool story bro but when did I say you were a racist ? :confused:

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    [QUOTE=acepepe;4493566][QUOTE=32green;4493556]What's FF2.

    Seems dumb.

    , I really need to proof read.[/QUOTE]

    AP, if you hate any more brothers than Jetdawgg and Obama you know you are racist:D

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    AP, if you hate any more brothers than Jetdawgg and Obama you know you are racist:D[/QUOTE]

    You ain't on the list. :( Obama, on the other hand is at the top!!:yes:

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    You ain't on the list. :( Obama, on the other hand is at the top!!:yes:[/QUOTE]


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    A) Don't call other posters out, and
    B) There's nothing more classic than proving to someone you're not a racist by citing your best black friend.
    D) This thread blows
    E) :yes:
    F) Thaaaaaaat's right

    G) :alien:


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