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Thread: Is winning the division too much of a stretch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatsFanTX View Post
    "Put-Put Fitzpatrick" is on the same level as Sanchez, but with a vertical passing game.

    I agree with your comment about the Bills defense. If they are just middle-of-the-road, the Bills will probably be a .500 team. If they step it up this season, the Bills could easily win 9 or 10 games.
    They're probably on roughly the same level... But Fitzpatrick is even streakier, and in a negative way. He pretty much crapped the bed after he signed his extension. Say what you want about Sanchez, he's never lost seven straight games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    LOL at anyone who actually thinks the Bills will be better than the Jets this year.

    The ultimate "flavor of the month" trendy pick that doesn't pan out. They have less talent than the Jets in almost every area and haven't had a winning record in almost a decade.

    They signed Mario Williams -- big whoop.

    Jets are 5-1 against them under Rex... I'll beleive in the Bills when I see it. If Pats fans want to troll us about the Pats being better than the Jets fine, they're right. If they want to troll us about the Bills they can GTFO. As Ladanian said last year (before the Jets curb stomped them in their own house) "they are the same old Bills."
    100% correct, Austin and now, since he has no legitimate comeback, the spineless troll will ignore you, thats his weak game


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