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Thread: Rolling with the Royces...

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    Rolling with the Royces...

    The Royce brothers; Adams and Pollard have both been the talk of camp. Adams as a possible 5 CB and Pollard a strong PS candidate but who might make the team for his special teams prowess. I like both Donnie Fletcher and Ryan Steed but Adams has one year on these guys, another guy to keep an eye on is WR Demarcus Ganaway who at 6.2 and 200 pounds is reputed to run in the 4.3 range and has shown up in terrific shape.

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    Royce Adams may be the best 5th CB, IMO Steed , Posey and Fletcher are excellent competition. Adams also has some kick return expierance and WR expierance. Very nice roll, contributing as the sixth WR, 5th CB and Special Teams...


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