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Thread: Plaxico dodging Sanchez questions on ESPN

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    [QUOTE=Jordy;4497503]Let's not get caught up in numbers.

    The best thing to come out of this is that I've at least acknowledged that you're heterosexual. ;)[/QUOTE]

    Well, I guess that makes one of us.


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    [QUOTE=C Mart;4497317]Didn't Plax want to go to the Eagles earlier this season too?[/QUOTE]

    He burned his bridges with the eagles last year, he was all set to sign with them, but the jets came in at the last min with the 3mill guarantee. I think Andy Reed got pissed.

    IMO Buress is going to have to wait for a training camp injury. Miami might give him a shot in camp before that though.

    As far as him talking about Sanchez, he is handling it the way he should. You got nothing good to say about anyone - say nothing. Better than to damm him with faint praise.

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    [QUOTE=C Mart;4497342]Cotchery said he asked the Jets to trade or release him after the 2010 season because he was tired of "constantly taking a back seat" on the team. [B]He said he sensed the deterioration in the club's morale.[/B]
    You weren't the only one Jericho. :mad:

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    [QUOTE=Dirtstar;4497293]lol... really?

    you mean that in his retirement press conference, [B]as a Charger[/B], LT didn't mention the Jets QB??[/QUOTE]

    "lol"....Yup....Even mentioned his college teammates, so he wasn't talking exclusively Chargers....It seemed to me to be an obvious jab at Sanchez. lol

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    [QUOTE=crazyeffinjetsfan;4498010]"lol"....Yup....Even mentioned his college teammates, so he wasn't talking exclusively Chargers....It seemed to me to be an obvious jab at Sanchez. lol[/QUOTE]

    Rex and the FO is getting rid of anybody that did not get behind Sanchez. LT, Plax, Mason. They would have gotten rid of homes too but his contract made it impossible. You don't get behind the qb, the coach lets you go. It is the way it should be.

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    Crotch quit on his team because they wouldn't pay him as a #2 receiver

    Then went to the Steelers where he was the #5 receiver his talent deserved

    Morale?? Quittery was a big part of the problem not the solution

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    Love Plax, always have and will, but I think it's clear as day who the "unnamed source" was last season (Manish's famous articles).

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    Plaxico may have been a solid red-zone target, but he was beyond horrible inside the 20's. I guess being 34-35 years old after years away from the game of football caught up to him/got the best of him.

    With all that said, I'm glad he's gone in replace of a 6'4 WR talent in Stephen Hill ala a 21 year old kid who runs a 4.3 forty flat with top of the line jumping ability. At least we'll have an explosive athlete opposite of Holmes, an athlete in Hill who can take the top off the defense due to his overall size and speed.

    I haven't been this high on a rookie WR since the draftings of Laveranues Coles (2000) and Santana Moss (2001). I'm an FSU fan but enjoy following all Florida college football (some of the best around), and when the Jets landed Coles and Moss? I was thrilled. I think we laded something special in this Hill kid. Both Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas went to Georgia Tech. This school/program seems to produce/recruit 6'3+ WR's with top of the line speed. No wonder why Georgia Tech used Stephen Hill as their #1 WR. Hill (I believe) led the nation in average yards per reception; a true speed burning deep threat.
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    [QUOTE=Owen Reed;4497307]Edwards signed with the 49ers for $1MM.

    He would have signed with the Jets for less than the $3.017 they paid Burress.[/QUOTE]

    He signed after the fact. At the time Edwards signed he wanted a lot more money. After he realized there wasn't a market for him he accepted the 49ers offer. If the Jets thought they could get him on a one year deal for $1M they would have signed him.

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    You doing the no grains diet too? Looks great.


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