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Thread: Allen West Belongs To A Party Of Apes.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetPotato View Post
    David Harris and Cano's politics play in the middle

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    I like the The Daily Show and The Colbert Report but Mahers show for me is unwatchable. I don't really like his style of "humor".

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    Given historic use of the term "Ape" to denigrate and demean African Americans, it would seem the indirect but specific use of "Ape" to describe Mr. West's political affiliations is inappropriate at the least. It is also quite uncivil, something I believe many elected Democrats have been asking for more of lately.

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    Agreed, it was definitely a very insensitive comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SafetyBlitz View Post

    As an aside, I think Bill Maher is a bit too partisan for me
    Bill Maher is a bit too partisan for you? LOL. That tells us all we need to know about you

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    The Democrats the New Slave Owners. Don't worry abot a job, school or anything else just vote for us and we will keep the gravy train coming your way.The Democrats and their Black Hustlers have destroyed the Black Community. No Pride, No Work Ethic just a slave to the Democrats.

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