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Thread: Supreme Court Ruling #2: Citizens United Upheld Again

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    Supreme Court Ruling #2: Citizens United Upheld Again

    Supreme Court rejects corporate campaign spending limits

    Published June 25, 2012

    Associated Press

    The Supreme Court has reaffirmed its two-year-old decision relaxing limits on corporate campaign spending. The justices on Monday reversed a Montana court ruling upholding state restrictions.

    By a 5-4 vote, the court's conservative justices said the decision in the Citizens United case in 2010 applies to state campaign finance laws and guarantees corporate and labor union interests the right to spend freely to advocate for or against candidates for state and local offices.

    The majority turned away pleas from the court's liberal justices to give a full hearing to the case because massive campaign spending since the January 2010 ruling has called into question some of its underpinnings.
    Interesting that on on issue (Immigration) one side argues for State Power while the other argues for Federal power. On another issue (Campaign Funding) the two seem to flip sides.

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    And that's as it should be.

    As an aside, B. Hussein is now urging folks to forgo wedding registries and birthday gifts and have the spondulix go right to Him.


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