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Thread: Tebow shows More Class than his Boosters on JI

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    You're a moron if you think Tebow isn't gunning for Sanchez job.

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    I truly believe that Tebow can develop into a very good-to-great football player. Has the potential/ability to develop into a player in which our coaching staff can line up all over the football field. Really does have the overall potential, ability, drive, talent(s) and leadership qualities to develop into the ultimate "slash" of the 90's. Under Center running a strong wildcat formation, lining up as a running back (HB Pass anyone?), fullback in short yardage situation and if Tebow can possibly work on route running ability and improve his hands? Kid has great size to lineup as a TE from time to time. Loved getting Tebow through trade.

    I just can't picture Tebow developing into an elite drop back quarterback. It's up to Tebow as a person to decide if he watns to develop/become a very good to great football player, or settle for less and become a mediocre to below average quarterback. Tebow may say all the right things through the media and in public, but this kid want's to start. If Sanchez has a breakout season, I can picture Tebow demanding a trade come next offseason. That's only if he's not willing to put ego (QB dreams) aside and become a great football player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peebag View Post
    Hahaha ... We need more cowbell !!!


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