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Thread: SI Ranks Mark SANCHEZ as #8 BUST 2012

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    WOW. DWC is actually handling the troll all by himself. I'm impressed.

    The fact is Sanchez is nowhere near as bad as the SOJF and trolls are wishing for.

    Take it away ladies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY2FLDWC85 View Post
    Exactly. 5 of his turnovers also took place during a single game against the Baltimore Ravens. 4 fumbles and 1 INT.

    Not even Joe Montana had a fighting chance behind that offensive line, not against that Ravens front 7. Mangold was out in replace of a undrafted rookie in Baxter at the Center position. Baxter was so bad where we had to bring in Vlad, Vlad was so bad where we had to bring Baxter back into the game etc, etc. Sanchez was quarterbacking behind a disaster offensive line against Baltimore.
    Exactly. That Ravens game was ridiculous. The fact that we benched our backup center and moved around the entire line to accommodate that is good enough of a point to me. It was a brutal game. And if you take away 5 turnovers, its still not where you want him to be but its substantially better.

    Look, I realize where Sanchez is. He's not a top 20 quarterback right now in this league. I think he's around there BUT he just isn't there. He has the potential to be a top 15, no doubt in my mind. The problem is, he has to take that next step. I've been saying it for the past 3 offseasons but I truly believe that with a chain off his leg (Schotty fired) he can make that step. As Jet fans all we can really do is hope. And I guess you trolls can hope he keeps at the pace he is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY2FLDWC85 View Post

    Sanchez was 15th in passing yards. There are 32 NFL teams, that puts Sanchez above the 50% mark. Not the "bottom 3rd".

    Sanchez was top 10 in passing TD's (9th to be exact).

    Sanchez combined for 32 offensive TD's. 6th overall.

    Sanchez was also forced to work with a useless between the 20's Plaxico as his #2 WR (still looking for offseason work). A washed up 37 year old slot WR in Derrick Mason for the first 5 weeks of the season (Retired due to being completely washed up). A raw 5th rookie rookie in Kerley as his slot WR and offensive line issues/problems during the entire season. Still led an offense that ranked 13th in offensive points scored.
    Sweet, bulk stats! The true measure of any QB, of course. How about his rate stats? Where does his 56.7% completion percentage rank? How about his yards/attempt? 6.4. God-awful, bottom third of the league. Stop spinning the stats, Sanchez had a terrible year, it's in almost universal agreement. Let's see what he does in 2012.


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