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Thread: Cosell Talks Shonn Greene

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    Cosell Talks Shonn Greene

    Cosell Talks Shonn Greene
    Thursday, June 28, 2012


    [QUOTE]I did a little game watching of my own on Shonn Greene recently, so I was anxious to hear the tape guru Cosell's take on the Jets' starting running back. Greene had a huge playoff run as a rookie in 2009. He's disappointed ever since.

    I mentioned some of my takeaways to Cosell, and he told me what he thought of Shonn Greene:

    "I think that he's a little bit of a one-speed runner," Cosell explained, "and I think that's caught up to him a little bit. I think that he's a strong kid. I think he can run downhill. I think he can move the pile because he's got natural strength. But I don't think there's much burst to him. I think he's pretty much of a one-speed runner. And I think those guys eventually struggle.

    "He can gain yards, there's no question. But I don't think he gives you much more than what's there. And I think it's tough for those kinds of backs to truly be foundation backs."

    Cosell indicated that Greene is a very limited runner. And we're not just talking about the fact that he doesn't contribute in the passing game.

    "You know I don't use the word feature back anymore because I'm not sure what that means," said Cosell. "You can argue LeSean McCoy is a feature back, but the Eagles don't run that kind of offense, even though he carried the ball 300 times. They don't line up in the I-formation. Shonn Greene is ultimately that kind of back, where you gotta line up in the I-formation and pretty much give him the ball. And I'm not sure he has a complete enough skill set to be that guy."

    I suggested to Cosell that, based on my own reviews, I thought Greene left quite a bit of yardage on the field and all too often ran into defenders, rather than past them. He didn't even try to run around or by them.

    "[B]There's no question that there's no creativity to his running," agreed Cosell. "And when I say creativity, you don't have to be incredibly elusive. But, you're right, he's not a guy who's really going to make people miss. I think there's no way you can be an elite back or a top-level back if you can't make unblocked defenders miss. Because in the run game, there's always going to be a defender that can't be blocked. That's what teams do, defensively. You must be able to make unblocked defenders miss. He's not gonna do that.[/B]"


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    Queue Ray Ray to call Cosell a dumbass no-nothing hack. :rolleyes:

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    I am positive that Shonn will look better and


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