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Thread: Is Bart Scott moving to Strong Safety?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post

    I have no doubts that the defense will rank in the Top 5 again, maybe even Top 3.

    But would it surprise me if the offense remains a clusterf*ck of a mess that is incapable of extending drives? No, not really.

    Simply making a switch at OC isn't enough.
    Why can't switching OC's be enough? We went from an average defense to #1 in the league when we switched DCs fromMangini to Rex

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funaz View Post
    Why can't switching OC's be enough? We went from an average defense to #1 in the league when we switched DCs fromMangini to Rex
    Are you suggesting that Sparano is as good of an OC (a position he's technically never held in the NFL) as Rex is a defensive coach?

    I think it's obvious why our defense turned around so quickly. But I can understand anyone's hesitation to annoint Sparano as a savior at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordy View Post
    This shows the Jets at 22 with a 34.74%.
    And you mean to tell me, that you harp all over me for posting of statistics? At least when I post statistics, I actually know what I'm posting about and/or what these stats actually mean. I don't post them "just to post them". You'll never see me posting stats trying (key word being "trying") to show that the Jets offense has ranked top 5 over the past 3 years, but actually post defensive numbers to prove a point, or in your case, show someone just how wrong they really were (which is why you posted those numbers to begin with, just to show someone just how wrong they really were). I know the difference, I watch the games. Anyone who watches the game would understand that the Jets defense never ranked as low as 22nd in regards to Third Down Conversion Percentage.

    You just looked at numbers, and said "yes, these are the numbers that the Jets defense has put up on 3rd downs last year" without knowing that these numbers were numbers in regards to the offensive side of the ball. You just called me out and questioned my fandom in another thread, because I thought Braylon Edwards (one player) had more than 4 drops during the 2009 season, and asked me if I "watch the games". Well, you were just wrong in regards to an entire defensive unit... And even went as far as posting statistics, the wrong statistics at that, completely opposite sides of the football just goes to show how clueless you really were in regards to the Jets 3rd down conversion rate last season.
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