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Thread: Representing the Jets Down Under

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    Representing the Jets Down Under

    Hi, I'm a 28 year old guy from Australia and I'm a Jets fan. We don't really get much in the way of media regarding American football here, so I have had to basically teach myself the rules and strategies and so on using Wikipedia and chatting to other football fans online, so please excuse me if I say something that sounds stupid, or is just plain wrong. I hope to learn a lot more from talking to you guys here.

    The first football jersey I ever got was Keyshawn Johnson's Jets jersey, and they became the first team that I ever supported in the NFL. As a Chicago fan in NBA and NHL, I started to support the Bears, also because my favorite NFL player was Brian Urlacher. However, I have decided to settle on being a Jets fan, although I still have a lot of love for teams like the Bears and Redskins.

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    ... welcome AJF ... as a fan go treat yourself to the classic old movie called "highlander" ... you will see ... "there can be only one" ... good job ditching those dirty bears & skins ...

    ... do not fear ... saying dumb things will make you fit right in with everyone else here ...



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