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Thread: 2012 QB Statistics Prediction Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASG0531 View Post
    You labeled the wrong choice as a bold prediction, especially given the context... actually, all three of those are crazy choices, where did you come up with those?
    I really do not see Brad as a stretch at all. He only had one real INT last year 5 on his 6 where bobbled passes. Not his fault he did not have a WR worth jack all year. He made some smart plays last year just had no one getting open. His line has matured and he has better WRs. Shotty as his OC also mean one thing 20-25 passes a game all short passes. That is Brads game really. I don't expect him to have over 3k yards or 10 TDs but the guy should have next to no turnovers. Unless you see Quick starting Brad will be playing safe ball. He has 5 WR all they will do is quick out plays all year. He will be throwing to the sideline every play. He is a safe bet IMO.

    Ryan is a guy that should make that stat really. Atlanta will likely be looking to run turner into the ground. White is getting older as is Gonzo. Jones will likely be the new point man but Ryan will likely not need to force a whole lot of passes this year. People like to hate on Matty but Atlanta seems to be in that do or die year to me. I really feel Romo is the only bold prediction in that group. Dallas may be in the basement this year and Romo makes a lot of bad last minute plays and that line is still shaky.

    Yeah I left out Brady mainly because he doesn't have a great line this year. Don't see him being top 3 in any cats. He took a beating last year and will likely take more of one this year. He is not young or super man. He will have a great year I'm sure but Brees, Rodgers, and Strafford have way more around them IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASG0531 View Post
    No, he wasn't, and the percentage of non-Jets fans voting Sanchez to the Pro Bowl was approx. zero.
    You're mistaken. If Sanchez performs strongly during our last 3 games? He makes the pro bowl last season. Heading into week 15, with Peyton Manning out along with Rivers having his career low type of season since becoming a starter back in 2006... Mark Sanchez had a strong chance of landing an AFC Roster spot. The AFC was wide open.

    Heading into week 15, Sanchez had gone 242/426, 2,859 yards, 21 TD's/11 INT's with a QB rating of 82.3. The Jets were 8-5.

    Heading into week 15, Dalton had gone 245/415, 2,833 yards, 18 TD's/12 INT's with a QB rating of 81.8. The Bengals were 7-6.

    So no, you're not only mistaken but you're wrong as wrong could be. Due to Mark's collapse during the final 3 weeks of the season, rookie Andy Dalton snuck into the AFC Pro Bowl, but to sit here and state that Sanchez wasn't on the cusp (heading into week 15) of landing an AFC Pro Bowl invite is extremely clueless.

    If Sanchez and the Jets never collapsed during the final 3 weeks? Sanchez lands a trip to the pro bowl. That's the only point I was making.

    It's truly sad (more like disheartening) how Jet fans have quickly forgotten how much progress Sanchez made as a 3rd year player last season. They simply look at his last 3 games as a way of judging Sanchez, without taking note that Sanchez put up QB ratings of 83.5, 85.8, 87.1, 88.7, 90.2, 92.9, 93.8, 95.6, 105.6 and 121.3 against teams such as the Redskins, Jaguars, Chargers, Cowboys, Bills, Bills, Raiders, Dolphins, Patriots and Chiefs. The Jets went 8-2 during those 10 games. Sanchez played extremely well during 10 of our first 13 games,

    The only games where Sanchez played poorly during our first 13 games were against the Ravens (QB rating of 30.5), the Patriots (QB Rating of 64.7) and the Broncos (QB rating of 67.9).

    Sanchez combined for 12 games during his first two NFL seasons with QB ratings of 83.5 or greater, but yet, put up 10 games with QB ratings of 83.5 just last season alone. The improvements this kid made last year were there for the entire fan base to see, it's not Mark's fault that our fan base only chooses to judge and remember Mark off his final 3 games of the regular season.
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