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Thread: 8 things the U.S. election system could learn from Mexico's (CNN)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlumberKhan View Post
    Why stop at states?

    If states rights are so great...why not county rights? And then town rights? And then street rights?

    States rights worked when the world was larger....when it took 6 months to cross the plains in a Conestoga wagon.

    It's 2012.
    Wow, PK. Wow.

    If you're serious... I just... I... uh... never mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cr726 View Post
    Good lord you can't help yourself. Lecture someone who cares about what you think.
    Not what I think, Mr. Uneducated and Uninformed. FACT. I am rehashing FACT. Something ILL EDUCATED libs are a little short of. THINK YOU.
    Please go back and take a evening course in government. It may help with your GED.


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