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Thread: Should Knicks match a backloaded deal for Lin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY2FLDWC85 View Post
    We signed veterans such as Raymond Felton, Jason Kidd, Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby.

    We re-signed key players such as J.R Smith and Steve Novak.

    Now thinking about it? We had an outstanding offseason.
    I agree. Grunwald has done a good job this off-season overall. Kidd and Camby are shrewd moves. Felton gives you similar production to Lin on the court at a fraction of the cost. Novak I'm not too crazy about (how about boxing out Shane Battier for a rebound?) if Novak isn't hitting 3's he is a total liability. Smith was a must resign after Shump's injury. Still, would have been nice to see Lin come back only because it was alot of fun watching him play.

    Honestly, before Linsanity I hadn't had this much fun watching the Knicks play since they made that run as an 8th seed in 1999 to the NBA Finals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtstar View Post
    this is a factor that is being completely underplayed or downright ignored by the media, who are hell-bent on ridiculing the Knicks front office/Dolan.
    Regarding Lin, Knicks were damned if they do, damned if they don't.

    If the Knicks matched Lin's offer "this is just another example of James Dolan giving out a ridiculous contract". Knicks don't match "Lin didn't want to be in New York. It's Carmelo's fault. "

    My three teams Yankees, Knicks and Jets have got to be the most hated teams by the media. Penn friggin State doesn't get it as bad as the Knicks and Jets and their DC was a kid-rapist.


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