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Thread: one thing that sets you off is......

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    Quote Originally Posted by BURGERMIKE View Post
    Thank god Im a boob man
    Damn; don't call me to be your wing man.

    Quote Originally Posted by AlwaysGreenAlwaysWhite View Post
    People that attempt to pass in the left lane at/below/barely over the speed limit...

    There's a special place in hell for you faggots and I hope it involves continuous high speed crashes since it is obviously your greatest fear...
    Detroit Irony; these mopes can't wait but don't mind slowing me down.

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    Waiting in line at movies, DMV, airports, etc. the jerky who stands next to you, not behind. Like their job is to remind you to move forward with the flow. Had this lady do it to me today at post office. She's not going to get to the front any faster than me. I started looking at cell phone and purposely lagged behind, just to annoy her. Friggin line sidler.

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