So, we have an issue. Voting, and ensuring voting is accurate, from who votes, to how votes are counted and recorded, and beyond.

The left claims the voting machines are rigged.

The right claims no-ID voting leads to fraud, and fraud that can't be proven cause no ID was checked.

Both seem to think absentee voting could be used (and is) fraudulently.


Whats the solution? Not the problems, what is the solution, a solution we can all agree to (or compromise on) that will ensure our voting is treated as the ultra-vital and important thing it is?

For example, one thing I've heard....Election Day as National Holiday. I like it, I think it's a good idea, and I'd trade Columbus Day (a silly and pointless Federal Holiday tbqh, he wasn't even the real discoverer in any form) to get it revenue-neutrally.

So thats one thing I think we'd all agree, on to the hard stuff?

Solutions oNly please, no sniping the other side or dismising their concerns. Lets design a system that appeases both sides.