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Thread: Brees signs 5 year deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    Brady threw for 5235 yards last year, his best ever.

    how is this a decline?
    That's my declining quarterback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    Brady threw for 5235 yards last year, his best ever.

    how is this a decline?
    Easy to throw for a ton of yards when your defense can't hold a lead.

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    TBH, I'd take Peyton Manning over any QB except for Rodgers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASG0531 View Post
    That's my declining quarterback.
    There's no pass defense anymore. It's like playing pitch and catch out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyStylez View Post
    Not only that, he has thrown himself into the community and done a lot of good work there. Plus he's been a classy guy, no negative PR. I dare say the value of the franchise has more than doubled since Brees arrived, and had a lot to do with that. Had to believe they originally signed him for 6 years $60 million..even harder to believe the Fins had first shot at him and PASSED. TWICE! Talk about a whifff.
    It's well deserved. He's done a lot for that place, and it was a mighty confluence of events that gave Nawlins their SB.

    $40m in the first year is a lot but he's worth it.

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    light-years ahead
    Here's our reclining quarterback:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    Oh thats right. Sanchez is becoming Drew Brees real soon. Thanks for the reminder.
    Nothing was discussed about Sanchez in this thread. It's pathetic that you're so hung up on Tebow's nutsack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri_0515 View Post
    Tebow's nutsack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASG0531 View Post
    I think the Saints will be just fine. Brees basically runs that offense, I trust Payton's underlings to carry forward their incredible game-planning. They still have everyone but Meachem from last year on that side of the ball. They are going to score lots of points in the dome and win lots of games, as usual. They are virtually unbeatable at home.
    Don't forget that they lost the best Offensive Guard in football evade of Bree's selfish holdout for more money that got him nothing.


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