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Thread: Some teams face big free-agent calls

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    John "Wally Cox" Clayton still blubbering about his inaccurate cap numbers



    Aren't you the one who said the cap would be going up $20M per year after the CBA was signed so the Jets would have no problems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    Eh, that free agent class isn't loaded with guys I'm terrified to lose.

    The toughest guy to replace will probably be Moore, but that's been coming for awhile. Greene, Hunter, and most of the other guys on that list are dime a dozen. Keller is probably the first "big name" type guy we're going to lose to FA. He'll probably get paid by someone while we reinvest in a more versatile TE who is a better blocker.

    The bigger issue is replacing Calvin Pace/Bryan Thomas (Davis was clearly drafted to replace Scott)... OLB is not an area where we have great depth.
    Agreed, none of these players taken individually will cause any great pain. It is just the totality of the number of starters that are FA in a year where the jets are going to have severe cap constraints.

    The jets will be even with the cap after cutting Pace, Scott, Hunter and Eric Smith.

    They can get another 10 mill under by pushing cap hits from Sanchez and Harris into 2014 and beyond. (assuming Sachez has a good year) 4 mill for rookies leave the jets with 6 mill, if the are able to carry over 1/2 of the almost 6 mill in cap space left over from 2012 that leaves them with 9 mill of room, Cro and Mangold have 5 mill of roster bonus that can be coverted into SB to give another 4 mill of cap space. Almost 13 mill under the cap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordy View Post

    OL (guard and T) and OLB are going to be big areas of need after this season. I don't think Maybin and Sapp replace a guy like Pace and BT. They are not likely to be run stoppers. Hopefully Davis can replace Scott. I imagine that's the hope of the FO as well. Safety will continue to be an area of concern, unless the two rookies step up.
    I hope Davis will replace Scott. I think they will try to do something with Pace's contract. I don't see Rex losing Scott, BT and Pace. I think that would be too much turnover for him.

    I see Slauson getting a reasonable extension. He has improved but has been injured.

    I think Moore is a goner, but that means the whole right side of the line could be new in 2013 (I'm assuming that Hunter will be a failure again). Not sure if they would want to have that, but I am sure coach Googs thinks he can coach up a bunch of high school players.

    The most interesting one is Maybin. If he gets something like 10 sacks this year then I think his price is going to be too high for the Jets.

    Keller is a candidate for the franchise tag, but I think his long-term status with the Jets is linked to Sanchez'.

    And this is not even taking into account Revis and how much he is going to cost. I think Revis' future is the first thing that needs to be addressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astoria View Post
    Clayton is, bar none, one of the worst NFL reporters available. His little routine was palatable before the Internet. Nowadays almost every fan knows how to actually get insightful cap analysis without going through ESPN; his sky is falling routine is absolutely obsolete.

    And the worst part is he still shows up on ESPN daily via webcam from his moist grotto.
    They put him on via webcam so we don't have to see his disgusting grill in HD.

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    jason had this covered a few months back.

    So why is that $19 million misleading? Because it has no look at the Jets roster makeup and flexibility the team has in navigating the roster. The group that I call “The Big Four” is a bonanza in cap savings. The Big Four are Calvin Pace, Bart Scott, Wayne Hunter, and Eric Smith. Barring a miracle none will be on the team next season and even if the miracle occurs would be nowhere near their current salaries. Those four represent $22.71 million in cap savings prior to free agency and the draft. That immediately puts the Jets at a salary of about $116.5 million, which would be $4.5 million or so under the Clayton projected cap.

    The Jets will also have carry over space. As of June 9 they had about $6 million in cap room with only one rookie remaining to sign. There will be a few changes here and there that will likely bring that number down to $4 million over the course of the year, assuming they don’t use their option to borrow against future caps, which will all be carried over giving the team now $8 million in cap room.
    So, yes, as of today the Jets are $19 million or so over the cap in 2013, but its nothing to worry about or nothing that has not been planned for by the organization


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