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Thread: Gave my notice b*****es!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetworks View Post
    Jeez, he more I hear about your soon-to-be ex-office, the more I'm convinced that your avatar is all-too-wholly appropriate. Is your boss' name Michael Scott?
    Nah, my direct boss is a good guy. The company is the problem. It's a once great company that was a global leader in its field...then two misguided and incompetent senior execs went to the parent company (Omnicom) around ten years ago and convinced them that the founder had to go. The founder was a great man, and a smarter/better businessman/leader than both of the mutinous idiots put together. Somehow they pushed him out, and it's been a slow yet steady decline into mediocrity and now borderline incompetence. The "head" of the company is more Michael Scott than anyone. Only dumber. How he and his sidekick pulled off the coup I'll never understand. I will savor the fact that tomorrow, I'll be getting hammered and playing the ponies at 'Toga on his dime...followed by an awesome dinner at Hatties for me and 5 of my closest friends, expensed on the company card. That's right....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mardukis View Post
    I say you are lazy and couldn't cut it.

    Good Luck, change like that can be stressful as well as joyful. I once quit a good job for a "GREAT" opportunity and I knew within a month I made a mistake. I hope for your sake the wind is at your back.
    I dare you to take a dump on his desk your last day.
    Mardukis, ... why are you afraid to fly ?

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