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Thread: More unexpectedly bad economic news - Retail sales fall for 3rd straight month

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    More unexpectedly bad economic news - Retail sales fall for 3rd straight month

    U.S. retail sales fell for a third straight month in June as demand slumped for everything from cars and electronics to building materials, a sign the economic recovery is flagging.
    Retail sales slipped 0.5 percent, the Commerce Department said on Monday.

    It was the first time sales had dropped in three consecutive months since late 2008, when the economy was still mired in a deep recession. Analysts polled by Reuters had expected retail sales to rise 0.2 percent.

    “Evidence is increasingly clear that the U.S. economy is slowing,” said Jim Baird, an investment strategist at Plante Moran Financial Advisors in Kalamazoo, Mich.

    It's Bush's fault.

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    Pardon me, is this this the proper place to stand to catch the Counter-Spin?

    I'd hate to miss it; I am sure it will be here soon.

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    "unexpected". LMAO

    Yeah, if you're a moron.

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    Its not flagging, its just resting. Resting so that it can soar very soon, like starting Nov 5th after Premier Comrade Dumbama gets another term.

    Just wait for it.

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    We've been recovering for so long that there's not much left to recover.

    It all started in 2010 during the famous Summer of Recovery.

    Chairman Mao's rhetorical legacy at work.


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