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Thread: Zimmerman/Martin Case News

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    Why does this girl wait until now to come forward? Doesn't mean it didn't happen but doesn't make it look good for her either. I don't see how this would ever stand up or be allowed but that decision is up to people who I hope are much smarter and just that I am.

    This country was founded on the presumption of innocence. Everyone benefits from that. That goes for Zimmerman, Paterno, Sandusky, Son of Sam, you, me and whoever else you want to add. That is what separates us and makes us better (yes, we are better) than everyone else.

    Then there is the matter of his right to a fair trial. Which IS impossible at this point. There is no such thing as a fair trial when the President and AG have both made comments about the incident. Not to mention what has gone on in Florida. All of which has been counter-productive to Trayvon ever seeing justice if it is warranted.

    This is a "reasonable doubt" case which at this point should be a slam dunk for the defense with the only obstacle being a tainted jury which at this point IS inevitable. This entire case is phucked no matter whose side you are on. So no matter what, we will never find out what really happened and "justice" will not be served no matter what the result of the case is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doggin94it View Post
    So . . . the powers that be (who are they, btw?) somehow manipulated a family friend into lying about the guy?
    Are you kidding me? I'm sure. Trayvon "justice" means a whole lot to a whole bunch for reasons that have little to do with justice, namely public relations. From Al Sharpton to wannabe race hustlers - all want a piece of Zimmerman bad.

    And no charge - not even previous race related murders - will generate negative attention more than child molestation, which even if this woman's claims were valid, would be a stretch.

    See Jerry's Kids & Penn State Football. One guy molested children and the whole village is burned to the ground.


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