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Thread: New Story: Santonio Holmes Talks Sanchez, Tebow and LT's Warning

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    Post New Story: Santonio Holmes Talks Sanchez, Tebow and LT's Warning

    Santonio Holmes did an interview on the NFL Network last night, most of you probably saw it and more of you surely know about the interview and what he said by now. I don't normally like to write a piece on someone else's interview that everyone has access to, but like Will McAvoy from the new HBO show The Newsroom, "I'm on a mission to civilize."

    This isn't a takedown piece, the problems I'm addressing don't have to do with the interview (well, one problem but more on that later), but with how other media members will, and in some cases...


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    Great read as always and totally agree. Why doesn't LT take his act back to San Diego where he's a future HOF that never won a SB? He was nothing more than a rental that didn't pan out here.

    Good job by Santonio fielding the stupidest questions from tweeters on Twitter. Joke journalism at it's finest. Thank God he's smart enough to rise above it & keeping his eye on the prize. The man has a SB ring & can catch so he's always been a favorite of mine.

    Thanks for posting.

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