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Thread: When do season tickets arrive?

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    First of August usually. Plenty of time before the first preseason game. They used to come via US mail and the envelope didn't even have the Jets address on them. Now they do it via Fedex and usually include a tracking # that's emailed.

    We're lucky they don't do it like the Yankees. My Yankees tixx sometimes show up the day before Opening Day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 124 View Post
    I want frisbee dogs at halftime.
    I want spirals at halftime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tedtedthefootballhead View Post
    I want spirals at halftime.
    speaking of season tickets, since Jets are selling preseason games today, does that mean people who buy UD season tickets in next few weeks can do so without buying the pre-season. I mean how can they sell the preseason if the tickets have already been sold.

    If so that means those $50 dollar seats are only $400 for a full season ticket. When was last time any Jets full season ticket was $400 bucks?


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