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Thread: Taking Off: Ryan loses over 100 lbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaBallhawk View Post
    dude it doesnt take discipline if your stomach is the size of a peanut. you dont have much of a choice, you cant eat enough to actually gain weight when you are already 400 pounds and your stomach is that small, it doesnt matter what you eat. he can eat half the fast food crap he ate before, he'd still lose weight. its all about how many calories you burn and take in. if 20 burgers a day got him to 400 pounds, he can eat 10 burgers a day now and lose weight. until he gets to a certain point of course, then he will have to make more adjustments in order to lose more weight. and if he watched what he ate and if he really was that disciplined he wouldnt need the surgery
    Dude, you don't know what you're talking about. You are completely uninformed. His stomach is not a walnut. It's exactly the same size as it was before the surgery. He has a Lap Band. Which is a band placed on the upper end of the stomach restricting the passage of food into his full sized stomach. That means that you can still find ways around it by eating foods that "slide" easily through. As the poster before said it takes a lifestyle change and discipline to successfully lose weight with it. Educate yourself before you speak on subjects you know nothing about. That's why you come across as an ignorant toolbag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    Can daballschmuck really be this ignorant??

    Apparently the answer is YES

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    Easy on the personal attacks; attack the substance, not the poster.

    He's right; you are reading his posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WestCoastOffensive View Post
    Easy on the personal attacks; attack the substance, not the poster.

    He's right; you are reading his posts.
    I quoted this so he can read it because you are probably on his Ignore List.


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