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Thread: Asswipe nobody writer compares Jets to Cancer

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenWave View Post
    This is not MaineJet.
    Quote Originally Posted by NY's stepchild View Post
    Definitely not.
    You two took him seriously?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordy View Post
    You two took him seriously?
    Who? MaineJet...never. He's as tough as they come in Cabot Cove.

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    "nowhere near as good as the patsies"? please, by position the patsies only grade out higher at qb, possession wr, te and place kicker. everywhere else they have clear issues. even wilfork has lost a step and isn't as dominant as he was. the defense can't match and neither can the oline. the jets are sweeping those pigs this season.

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    I'd love to see the Jets make the playoffs this year not just b/c I'm a fan but also b/c I would love for them shut up these hack job losers in the media who are obsessed with hating Rex Ryan.

    What did Rex Ryan ever do these people? He didn't say the same ol' boring crap you hear from everyone else? What a travesty.

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