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Thread: Bastard ****bag Hacker Mother****ers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenwichjetfan View Post
    If you're able to post here, I assume you have an alternate, working browser. Google your issue an it'll give you a solution.

    I've gotten that Trojan twice, and fixed it in under an hour both times. Key is to reboot in safe, rename malwarebytes, and get rootkiller (I think that's the name).

    I'm not posting from my computer so unfortunately I don't have the solutions handy. But a quick google search should do the trick.
    It's in the shop as of this morning.

    My IT Skills only go so far. I've exausted them. Will let my local Pro fix it.

    So not so much Fish this week. Appluase and cheering for that starts ---->

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    Too much time spent on, methinks.

    Was it just browser redirects or DNS redirects also?


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