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Thread: Another role for Tebow?

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    Tebow on kickoff coverage is plain STUPID. If you can't have confidence in your backup LBs and DBs who are faster to do this, then the roster must stink.
    Plus he is worth a lot of money. He gets hurt? You still owe the money.
    It's one thing as a punt protector because he adds uncertainlt to the opposition. Maybe the Jets coaching staff really is dumb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CleatMarks View Post
    You know, I read that and I couldn't believe it...

    That sounds kind of nuts to me. Kickoff and Kickoff return are a bit like suicide missions. You're throwing your body at full speed into people.

    Is this the best use of a backup qb? I'll be surprised if the Jets do this.
    Their goal is to kill Tim Tebow... to see if he can resurrect himself.


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