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Thread: Jets had it tough in 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by doggin94it View Post

    (Sorry, that just drives me crazy)
    i probably would have cared more if i was typing it on my laptop, but i was typing it on my iphone and with the extra time it takes to type out sentences, i care less.

    your post doesn't bother me. makes me chuckle at myself for the typo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaoulDuke View Post
    I think he could care less.
    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    for all intensive purposes
    Irregardless of what you guys think, grammar Nazis are a good thing.

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    Just like the article says, the key to the Jets season will be the defense. Rex has never hung his hat on offense. He takes pride in the defense ans as always defense will determine how far the Jets go this season.

    I believe the Jets defense has improved quite a bit. Barring injury just like any other team, they seem to have addressed the Safety spot quite nicely and added a pass rush also.

    For a long time now many Jets fans have said that if the Jets had a legitimate pass rush, they could have made it to the SB in 2009 and 2010. I agree with that.

    Jets defense will top 5 again this season and I wouldn't be surprised if they were number 1 overall again. The Jets will make the playoffs based on defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB1089 View Post
    So you prefer your evidence to be anecdotal instead of empirical?

    "They didn't force a lot of turnovers."

    We finished tied for 5th in takeaways.

    You could do with looking at some more numbers, numbers like DVOA, which can't be calculated from examining a box score. FO goes through every play of every game, assigning a value to each based on the outcome. DVOA is how far above or below the average a team is on a per play basis, with an adjustment made for the strength of the opponent.
    DVOA didn't even think the Giants were a good team going into the playoffs, it's flawed. Don't even start me on it. The Jets didn't have the 2nd best D in football last year, if you think they did, you're delusional, sorry. Anecdotal is not what my eyes see, I know the game, I watch, and I know the D was better in '09 and '10. Bill Barnwell did not follow the Jets closely last season, he's just quoting stats and statistical trends over a large sample size.

    DVOA would tell you the Giants D sucked and the Jets D was great, but the Giants D against the Pats got them in the playoffs and then won them the SB. The Jets D inability to stop the Pats cost them a playoff spot. You can have the DVOA title, I'd like to see the team succeed outside of an advanced metric statsheet.
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