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Thread: MJD Available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordy View Post

    Pace and Scott will account for $16.5M by themselves.

    I think this will be Brandon Moore's last season as a Jet.

    If the Jets re-sign Slauson, he's not going to break the bank.

    If MJD is acquired somehow, Shonn Green is likely gone anyway or he could be re-signed if the numbers are right.

    So, between Pace, Scott, Moore and E. Smith alone, that would be about $23M of cap space created.

    I think Tannenbaum can figure it out.
    Those 4 do account for 23 mill in cap savings if cut. Which according to Jason gets you to 5 mill below the estimated 2013 salary cap.

    They can get another 14 mill by converting Holmes and Harris salary to SB, Mangold and Cro together have 5 mill of roster bonus that can be converted to a SB for another 4 mill. So that leaves you 22 mill to sign the rookies say
    4 mill and 15 mill to replace 8 starters/front line reserves (of the 12 FA say 4 of the 2013 rookies start) and you think Tanny can pull out say 5 mill first year cap hit for MJD?

    You would think that after this off season jet fans would realize that the cap has to be followed.

    And what do you think Slausen and Moore will get in FA, top guards now get 9 mill per, each of those guys will get 1/2 that.


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