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Thread: Another troubled player ?

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    OP is clearly trying to organize a support group for troubled players, all of you please stop derailing the good nature of this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmeyer52 View Post
    Well, if true, this certainly isn't going to look very good on the resume of Joseph Addai, who is now looking for work after getting a look in New England. In a seemingly surprise move, the Patriots released [Addai] on the eve of training camp. But according to a league source, the veteran running back was struggling during his conditioning test and simply "quit." He was not long in New England after that. Bill Belichick's comment on the subject Thursday morning was to the point. "It didn't work out." The 29-year old back played just 20 games over the last two seasons because of injury.
    Hey! stick a fork in him I think he's done, DONE! I tell ya!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwaysGreenAlwaysWhite View Post
    You notice how the more you started posting on the Strip again, the more you started getting banned
    You think about me way too much.


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