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Thread: Steakhouses

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    The depths of Despair.
    Quote Originally Posted by JStokes View Post
    Like Sparks, used to work a block away, we were at work the night when Paul "Big Paul" Castellano got whacked by Gotti and Gravanno.

    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    Sparks - Don't really dislike it, the scene ain't my favorite though.

    Paul "Crasherino" Castellano?

    Lmao at Beefsteak Charlies. I can remember hitting one in Queens with my buds all the time in my late teens, it really was the highpoint of our week.

    We might as well have been at Lugers, we felt like Kings.


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    Any of you have a York Steak House near you back in the day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    Have you been to Abe and arthurs? It's down in the meat packing District and pretty trendy but they do a very nice steak.

    Dylan Prime and Mark Josephs also work if you are downtown.
    Thanks dude, I'll give Abe a chance this week. Hardest thing is picking the client I want to take out


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