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Thread: Rothenberg on 98.7

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    It's amazing how many crappy sports radio guys there are on the air in NY.

    I heard this guy and he blows. Completely unlistenable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsFanatic View Post
    I have to laugh, he is saying how much more talented the Giants are then the Jets. Lets see the Giants were 9-7 and the Jets were 8-8. The difference being the Cruz 99 yard TD. Without that play, the Jets probably win that game.
    As much as I hate to say it the Giants are better and more talented.

    They have a better QB, better WRs, better Dline, better pash rush, better safeties, I'd take Bradshaw over Green and their Oline aint to shabby either. They also have depth, they over come quite a few injuries each year it seems.

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    This guy is unbelievable!! I put the radio on for two minutes and I couldn't take it. The hate for Rex was dripping in his voice. I heard one caller patronizing him on not being able to take Rex seriously and I just shut him off.

    I guess the fact that Rex made the Jets relevant and in 3 years hasn't had a losing season doesn't count for anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sect313 View Post
    always need a little luck to win a SB.
    The Giants got a whole heap of it in three of their four Super Bowl victories. Heck, I'll give them the Bills in '90, but these last two they had no business winning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunnie View Post
    Well ... Maybe their opponents were unlucky ... Remember the Jets squeaking in and making it to the AFCCG ? Was that luck too?
    Yes, actually, it was. If you don't think luck is involved in sports you don't pay attention.


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