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Thread: ESPN Struggles with Math?

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    ESPN Struggles with Math?

    In reference to the amount of times the Dolphins ran the Wildcat during Tony Sparano's time as the Dolphins head coach, how many times does ESPN plan to say that 238 wildcat plays out of approximately 3,900 total plays equates to using the wildcat 16.3% of the time? It's actually a lot more like 6% of the time. Who in the hell is in charge of doing the math at ESPN?

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    Does anybody care?

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    ESPN is designed to provide quick little zingers that you can take to the water cooler the next day. Often these "factoids" are presented entirely out of context, or are not really fact at all. Unfortunately, nobody seems to care, because the majority of sports fans really have no interest in thinking any deeper than the most superficial level.

    When you actually break down the numbers ESPN gives you sometimes, it's clear that they can be entirely incorrect or have no significance at all. Here's a thread from last year about it, when I became enraged at ESPN's "analysis" of the significance of winning an NBA Game 5: This chicanery has been going on at ESPN forever.

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    This thread is like turning on the fricken Bat signal for DWC!

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    They are the "mother ship". They can say what they want and no one questions it.


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