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On the plus-side, JD, you're a part of a grand intellectual tradition of thugs, useful idiots, and terrorists.
Very interesting read, doggin. Took some time to absorb.
My points as to why communism or new communism is a waste of time:

1. I don't know if we'd ever be able to separate the social from the economic, or if that's even desirable;

2. they want to implement something that goes against our nature, or at the very least, our nature at this point in our development as a species. But who knows if it would be in our nature for these ideas to work.

3. Given #2 is true, then only force can try to make this work, and as we've seen, not very well, and not for very long.

While its nice to argue and debate about whether its better to have a unicorn or a gryphon for a pet, you may have missed the part where they're imaginary creatures.