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Thread: It's time to DREAM.... just imagine what this DEFENSE will look like IF--

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    No one prepares or plays as hard as Revis. One of the most competitive players in the entire league.
    cosign ... Revis doesn't dog anything. Revis isn't a physical freak. He has quick hips, lateral quickness, and a solid vertical leap but aside from that he's who he is cause he plays every single play like its the last possession of his life and he works hard not only in the games but in practice, off-season, and etc. Kyle Wilson spent the off season with him last year and was blown away with all the things he does. There is no dogging in Revis ... get out of here. Do your research before you spew nonsense..

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    Landry, who hasn’t finished each of the past two seasons due to nagging Achilles injuries, remains undaunted by Gronk Nation.

    “They got a lot of beasts in the league,” Landry told me. “He’s not the only tight end that’s great in the league. I went up against a lot of great guys. I’m not discrediting Gronkowski. He’s a great tight end… I’m looking forward to the challenge… if they want me to go in the box and cover him, if they want me to go in the box and play as a linebacker, if they want me to go deep man-to-man. Whatever. I’ll do it all.”

    Landry already has made his presence in the Jets’ scheme in the past few practices.

    “They already got a great organization, a great defense,” Landry said. “I’m just trying to be that spice to this gumbo they got going on.”

    The Jets plan to monitor Landry’s reps throughout training camp and the regular season. However, the hard-hitting safety hasn’t slowed down so far. He even popped a couple running backs during drills on Wednesday.

    “I only know one speed and that’s 100 mph,” Landry said. “I’m either going to give it my all or I’m going to give you nothing at all. If I’m healthy and 100, I’m going to give it my all. If I’m not, I’m still going to go out there like a one-legged dog in an ass-kicking contest and still try to give it my all.”

    “So that’s what it’s all about,” Landry added. “Once I put on my body armor and strap it up, it’s time to go get it. That’s the only way I know. That’s the only way you get better and that’s the only way you make your teammates better by giving it your all. If you’re going out there with full body armor and doing walk through, what kind of progress are you making? How do you make yourself better?”

    Landry, who played free safety at LSU before moving to strong safety after he was drafted by the Redskins, disagreed with the perception that he can only play in the box. He even offered a light-hearted piece of advice to those people who believe that.

    “Hey quote this,” Landry said with a smile. “Smack yourself.”
    can't wait.


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