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Thread: Players you're most interested to see in preseason games

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    1. Cam Newton
    2. Hills
    3. Hayden
    4. Coples
    5. Vlad
    6. Hunter

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    Landry, Coples, Sapp, Hill, & Lankster.

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    2 Players are all i really want to see

    Sanchez : Because talk is cheap and everyone knows by now that this kid can talk with the best of em.

    Bilal Powell :I want to see for myself if this kid can block and catch the ball out of the backfield as well as reports from camp has implied.I know he can run already with just a touch more speed than Shonn Greene.It's my hope that the jets find a RB they don't have to take off the field unless he wants out.

    On a side note,i happen to think that the injury which forced Ganaway to play FB maybe a blessing in disguise.Kid will learn how to block and be a better all around RB.

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    Fui Vakapuna.

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    Ricky Sapp
    I'll be watching LG and RT intensely as well as Bart Scott.

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    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, but the one I want to see most is Sanchez. If he doesn't take the next step in his development, we may have to endure some ugly, ugly times for awhile.

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    Lankster, Powell, Hill, Coples, Wilkerson.

    In that order.

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    Because of the importance of the offense, Tebow, how he's used is big on the list.

    Sporano. how he attacks and adapts.

    Hill, because we need him to contribute.

    RB's. Obvious reasons.

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    1.) Stephen Hill first and foremost. I see this guy as the Jets starting wideout opposite Santonio Holmes day 1. I just want to see him BREAK one and take it to the house. Raise both his stock and his confidence.

    1A.) Quinton Coples is scaring me personally. He's having a quiet camp and has not been the subject of a lot of the after-scrimmage plays. Maybe it's because he's playing DT and being blocked by the best Center in the game in Nick Mangold. Maybe it's because he's playing DE and being blocked by a very good D'Brickahsaw Ferguson. Either way I wanna see him push the pocket during the preseason.

    3.) Wayne Hunter has been put on notice (not as if he needed to be) that his 2011 performance was unacceptable. They brought in another guy via trade which didn't work out. They're trying Slausson at RT. They are doing everything to either replace this guy at RT or put the fear of GOD in him. I want to see how he responds.

    4) Aaron Maybin was a breath of fresh air for the Jets last season. Recording 6.0 sacks and 4 forced fumbles in 13 games. He's bulked up while trying to maintain the same speed which dazzled college scouts at the-college-which-shall-not-be-named. He wants to be an every down player who's hand stays in the dirt, but with his speed he can be effective sideline to sideline too. I want to see how the best defensive mind in the NFL (his words,` not mine) uses Aaron Maybin now that he has had him for a full training camp.

    5) As you see I've been alternating btw offense and defense, but I break the trend on my last player. I would love to see that the Bart Scott in 2012 is (hopefully) not the Bart Scott in 2011. He lost weight after being admittedly embarrassed (and he should be) at his play from a year ago. I would love nothing more than to see Bart Scott regain the edge he lost last year in this years preseason games.


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