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Thread: Braylon Edwards signs with Seahawks

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    Quote Originally Posted by detectivekimble View Post
    Ugh, even when he played he was injured. Alex Smith also can't get the ball down the field.

    When healthy, he's still better than Holmes.
    Alex Smith's limitations at QB made BE the 3rd WR on a team with sh1tty WR's? Really? Why Smith is Manning when throwing to their other WR's?

    He wasn't better than Holmes, which is why the Jets signed Holmes and let BE walk. As everyone, everywhere predicted for that reason. NOTHING he did in SF led anyone to think the Jets were wrong.

    No matter how much you want it to be.
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    between the Seahags forum and MN Wild forum we won't see much of whatsisname

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    Quote Originally Posted by sec.101row23 View Post
    He is taking notes so that the second his ban is lifted, he will respond with a ton of stats to refute anything logical that people may say.
    probably buying batteries for his calculator. But at least he does not come out with madden ratings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatsFanTX View Post
    Do you post stupid things in every single post?

    Hill would have absolutely no chance whatsoever of starting over Edwards.

    You act like Hill is the next coming of Jerry Rice when he hasn't even played one down of NFL football.

    Hill could just as easily become Chad Jackson II.
    No, you have that covered, 50,051 and counting.

    Keep hoping that Hill is Chad Jackson II, clown.

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