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Thread: Antonio Cromartie: Iím the second-best receiver on the*Jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatsFanTX View Post
    I agree with you, Plax was great in the red zone but a mediocre JAG receiver between the 20's.

    Jets made the right decision not resigning him.
    I wouldn't consider 8 TD's as being "great" inside of the red-zone, especially considering the fact that 3 of those TD's came during a single game against the Chargers during week 7.

    Burress wasn't great at anything. He had one great game along with 15 mediocre ones. Cross that, 14 mediocre games (had a very good game against Dallas). As "great" as Buress was inside the red zone, he only managed a whopping 3 TD's during the final 9 weeks of the regular season.

    At the end of the day, Plaxico Burress was completely useless between the 20's, lacked any type of ability needed in order to create separation, was slow as molasses, washed up, past his prime, on the verge of near retirement and far from "great" at anything.

    One strong performance against the Chargers has lots of people overrating Burress as some type of "great" red zone freak of nature/monster/beast etc, etc when in all actual reality? He couldn't even land a training camp invite with the Carolina Panthers this offseason. He's completely done as an NFL wide out. "Great" red zone players don't go 9 games with a whopping 3 TD receptions. Plaxico was a shell of what he once was with the Jets last season. He did more bad than good. Completely useless, especially between the 20's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sec.101row23 View Post
    I agree. WHY say it? Even if you think it, it is disrespectful to your team mates. I know some of these guys are not rocket scientists, but you would think they have a little common sense.
    What a bunch of BS. These guys are supposed to be pro football players. IF they are going to act like a bunch of pansie a$$ pu$$ies over a harmless comment then maybe its time to find another sport.


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