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Thread: nfl game rewind subscriptions?

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    nfl game rewind subscriptions?

    Anyone ever do this? What was your experience?

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    Anyone ever do this? What was your experience?
    Good Experience. HD Quality and all big plays you have option of viewing it from coaches film. They are going to have an IPAD app this year so it should be even better

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    im curious to see the responses to this as well. I've been considering it for fantasy football reasons.

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    Cool. Thanks.

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    It's a fantastic service and the addition of All-22 footage this year is just icing on the cake. They will also have a tablet app out shortly to make it even more convenient.

    I stopped using p2p sites to d/l games a couple years back because I can cue up any game in the last 3 years. Streaming is excellent and you also have the option of watching a Condensed Game with all the pre-snap time edited out. It cuts a 3 hour game into about 30 minutes of plays.
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    It's pretty awesome. I highly recommend it, especially since they are giving us the all-22 coaches film this year.

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    I just got it based on another thread about this. I can't wait for the iPad app to come out so I can watch as I'm dropping a deuce.


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