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Thread: 2012 Olympics - Hampur Style

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonhomme Richard View Post
    That was so weak, she was sobbing because they were losing during the match. To make matters worse, the hero she worshipped growing up was Misty May, the same gal laying an absolute smack down on her and making her cry.

    Cute girl but clearly unhinged.

    I think Ragu has a date with her tomorrow night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetPotato View Post
    Speaking of athletes, what the heck ever happened to Allison Stokke?

    If she looked like that she wouldn't have to work that pole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasherino View Post
    Love her. We were watching the US women a few days ago and my 5 year old says to me, without taking his eyes off the game "Where's Alex Morgan?"

    Good lad.
    Big high five from me. I'm looking forward to handing over my JI hot chick posting duties to your youngster once he reaches 18.

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    Congratulations to Jordan Burroughs of South Jersey who won the gold in wrestling. What an accomplishment!


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