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Thread: Jets sign WRs Wes Kemp and Chris Forcier

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    Jets sign WRs Wes Kemp and Chris Forcier

    Jets signed WRs Wes Kemp (Missouri) and Chris Forcier (Furman), according to source #nyj
    Fodder, I know.

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    Both bigger guys.

    Look out Schillens, ya bum.

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    Forcier's a converted QB, if he's good enough to stick in WR tryouts, he may end up on the practice squad as a developmental guy and scout team QB.

    Re Kemp, he sounds like a Patrick Turner clone:

    A tall, thickly strapped together wide out with the size to create mismatches. However, he isn't a real explosive kid, it takes him a while to build speed off the line, he doesn't eat up the cushion real quickly and isn't a threat to run past defenders. However, he does a nice job changing gears and slow-playing his routes.

    Will try to run past defenders down the field if they start to sit on his routes and is a tough cover the further down the field he gets. Possesses "plus" ball skills and concentration when asked to go get the football since he consistently extends his arms and uses his length and strong hands in order to make a play.

    Exhibits a good feel underneath sitting down in zone coverage and working his way back toward the quarterback, limiting the corners' angles toward the football. Showcases a decent combo of power and shiftiness after the catch, can gain half a step, but doesn't have the acceleration to run by anybody.

    IS tighter in the hips and really rolls into his sharply breaking routes. Doesn't create any kind of burst for himself out of his breaks and needs to get his body between the ball and man in order to box out and make a play. Seems to get hung up far too often vs. any kind of press coverage or physicality in the short passing game.

    Doesn't use his hands well to keep himself clean and lacks the short area quickness to gain a step and separate, even vs. linebackers in zone. Will get after it in the run game, is physical on the edge, displays a willingness to block and is tough guy to disengage from once he gets his hands on you.

    Impression: Possesses good size and ball skills, but I just don't see him as a dynamic enough option, even at his size, to consistently get open underneath. Looks like a size free agent only.

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    Gap closed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dcat View Post
    Gap closed.
    the pig is ripe for the slaughter

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    I have a feeling we are going to be talking about the Wr position a lot during the course of this season.

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    Cromartie must feel totally disrespected.

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    Not really a big deal.

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    Jets have like 8 injured WR's. These are camp bodies

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    Quote Originally Posted by flgreen View Post
    Jets have like 8 injured WR's. These are camp bodies
    So was Chrebet......You never know

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    Wes Kemp

    Notes: Three-time first-team all-state selection at wide receiver as a Missouri prep. Saw limited action in seven games as a true freshman in 2008, grabbing one 15-yard pass. Started all 13 contests at “Z” receiver in ’09 and hauled in 23 passes for 418 yards (18.2-yard average) and two touchdowns. Helped out at kickoff returner for the last five games with six returns for 136 yards (22.7-yard average). Held down the “Z” receiver position again in ’10, posting 39-420-3 (11.2) in 13 starts. Hauled in 29-369-5 (12.7) in 13 starts at the “Z” receiver in ’11. Graduated in December in just 31⁄2 years. Never lost a fumble.

    Positives: Terrific size — well put together with long arms. Intriguing timed speed and leaping ability (has a 39-inch vertical). Can extend to catch outside his frame. Good field awareness. Competitive after the catch. Strong weight-room numbers. Experienced, durable, three-year starter. Solid personal and football character.

    Negatives: Does not play to measurables. Average initial quickness. Builds to speed. Average burst and flexibility in/out of breaks. Route running needs work (limited tree). Struggles to track and adjust. Has concentration drops and is inconsistent making contested catches. Ordinary career production.

    Summary: Long-armed, size-speed prospect with outstanding leaping ability, though he is more of a short-to-intermediate receiver whose tape and production are less intriguing than his measurables.

    Positives: Marginally productive college receiver with outstanding size/speed numbers. Fluid releasing off the line, comes back to the ball out of breaks and consistently extends to make the reception away from his body. Displays solid eye/hand coordination and makes the difficult catch over the middle of the field. Has good size and offers the quarterback a nice target. Effective blocking downfield.

    Negatives: Lacks naturally soft hands. Minimal burst and displays little downfield speed.

    Analysis: Kemp passes the eyeball test but never met expectations on the field. He offers a good degree of upside and should get consideration for a practice squad based on his measurables. However, he must elevate every aspect of his game to have an NFL career.

    Projection: FA


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