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Thread: Peter King's Jets thoughts from 8/8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtstar View Post
    sure, but how was the coffee??
    The guy's so obtuse. His "observations" are a complete waste of time and space

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamaicanJetFan View Post
    Has Folk even missed a FG at all?
    Folk has been more consistent, but Brown has a bigger leg. Think...automatic touchback on all kickoffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    good point

    based on camp reports, Folk has, I believe missed one field goal to date. King's favorite has missed nearly half of his attempts...

    Pete is the KING OF wrong
    I could see Brown making the team, he is a good K, real good, was stuck on a bad St Louis team, maybe bad coaching, Westoff can do wonders for a player like Brown.

    That said, Folk has had a good camp from all reports, this is probably one of the most interesting camp battles that nobody is talking about.

    But hey, I think Tebow just got out of the john...

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    The title of the thread is slightly misleading if you read it quickly, since our daily practice threads have the date in them.

    Having said that, King said nothing to make you think he actually watched 10 minutes of any practice.

    Nothing chippy today. Football, not fighting, at practice.
    Makes it seem like the only observation that he makes is that there was no drama to report. How about some football news? Passes, runs, plays, player evaluation from watching practice, anything. It's all stff he could write from the Dunkin Donuts parking lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtstar View Post
    i'm sure your 45K posts will be worth millions of doots one day.
    a boatload, to be sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonEJet View Post
    Peter King was in Cortland, but his heart was in Foxboro

    That reminds me of an election moment dating back 20 ..cough, cough ... a long time.

    Donna Rice (who had been previosuly photographed on a private boat canoodling with the, then presidential contender Gary Hart ) was asked who did she think is going to win the election George W. Bush or Gary Hart ?

    She replied " After all that has happened, my heart says Bush ... but my bush says Hart"


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