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Thread: Hard to listen to early reports about Ingram and C Jones

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardKnocks View Post
    Your overall point isn't badly taken, but you have really overstated on Ellis. First round talent? Ellis was a reach in the 3rd round and proved it by rarely being active during his rookie season. That is NOT what you get in a first round talent.

    You are right that neither Wilkerson or Ellis are QB sackers, rather they are run stoppers and pocket pushers. Its in Coples that the Jet FO hopes will be the dynamic player of the 3. He was picked to become an impact player, a game changer, and the guy OC's have to game plan against. If he isn't any or all of these things then even if he turns out to be a competent starter, it will be like DRob revisited only without having to trade up and over pay.
    How many names are you going to make dwc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FijiJet View Post
    +1000. Dude was beastly. And Coples makes me forget about.. who were those other 2 again???
    Exactly and the nervous nellies who started this thread should be ashamed!!!!

    Good Grief

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    Coples had the strongest NFL debut of any defensive lineman drafted... For what it's worth.

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    Double or triple teamed--you can only laugh.
    You saw it last night...


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