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Thread: Kill All Jews In Egypt..

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    Kill All Jews In Egypt..

    Former Ohio-based Islamist Calls for the Murder of Every Jew in Egypt

    The anti-Semitism flowing out of Egypt is beyond palpable, as we now have Sallah Sultan, an Islamist cleric in Egypt, preaching sermons about "[thirsting] for the blood of the Jews" and accusing the Jews of using girls infected with AIDS to seduce Egyptian men and infect them as well.

    Sultan also claims that before the Arab Spring did away the Mubarak "regime," 30,000 Jews entered Egypt every month "in order to commit all kinds of crime: counterfeit dollars, taking photographs of military bases," as well as seducing and sodomizing "young [Egyptian] children who did not know any better."

    By the way, this cleric used to be in Ohio (USA). It was there that he founded the American Center for Islamic Research and it was there that his son, Mohamed, was president of the Ohio State Muslim Student Association.

    Last year, Sultan renewed a 1994 edict calling for the murder of "every Zionist who enters Egypt -- tourist or not."
    No need to spy on these (moderate) American Muslims...

    Patriot Act? Bah Phooey......

    A pox on George Bush's house....

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    COEXIST!!!! I'm farting cotton candy and peeing Rainbows!!!!
    If it weren't for them JOOOZ the A-RAB world would be peaceful, That is of course when the Sunnis or the sheia wipe one or the other out and kill all the infidels on the planet, oh and have all woman be treated like chattel. Oh and have all young girls sexually mutilated, Oh and have young males be Anally violated by adult males at will.
    See there is hope for these "peace lovers"!!!!!

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    And you call for

    Nuke Em Till They Glow; Then Shoot Em In The Dark

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster View Post
    And you call for
    I'd say " bomb em back to the stone age" but that would be redundant.

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    They are murdering the Coptic Christians already but no one one gives a crap.


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