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Thread: Why Has Individual Cases of Bad Service become National News?

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    Why Has Individual Cases of Bad Service become National News?

    As an example.

    Why is this National News?

    One employee of one Hotel may have mocked one disabled person, who clearly lacked patience to deal with it.

    Ok. Bad Service. In the past, that would mean the individual wouldn;t use the hotel again, and might complain to them (the hotel) or even the Better Busienss B.


    It's apparently National News.

    Yes, I get the man is a distinguished veteran, and I agree with him (if the story is true).

    What I don't agree with is that his demand for "Policy Change" has any validity whatsoever (clearly, it's not Hotel Policy to mock disabled Vets), nor does his one bad experience reflect on the Corp. as a whole.

    I just don't understand why this is a Semi-Lead story on a National News website. This isn't even local newspaper worthy, much less National.

    Sopmeone help me understand.

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    People see that header and click the link...

    We're a society who associates most with pain and suffering and/or we're always looking for a villain to loathe...

    Rename that stories header to "Vet has great experience with hotel clerk" and it doesn't capture a fraction of the audience...

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    Just another example of the rights/feelings of one outweighing the rights of many. It is sad that this happened to a Vet, I have utmost respect for veterans. The individual should be canned based on disrespect if nothing else. But this will carry over into every one in the hotel/corporation suffering some sort of overhaul, or at least, sitting through some stupid "how to respect the feelings of others" training sessions, whether they're Ghandi-esc or not.


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