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Thread: Garrard to have surgery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamers View Post
    No it just means he didn't loose his spot in camp to Clausen.
    I'm sure the Dolphins will take great solace in that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fozy72 View Post
    something about those Marshall qb's that they just can't stay healthy, who was that other guy with the noodle arm?
    Garrard didn't go to Marshall. You're thinking of Leftwitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamers View Post
    They should just go ahead and start Tannehille at this point. Last thing they need is Moore taking off and creating a QB contro. Garrard is one thing but Moore is still young and has some talent to make them look stupid. It is not like they are winning a SB or anything.
    The last thing MIA needs is their QB to take off and play well?? Okie dokie then.


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