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Thread: Some post-game thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by george jetfan from miami View Post
    I saw what i basically expected. I was thankful there was no major injuries unlike cinci. It's about getting quality reps in and getting in shape not about winning at this point. I think tebow will be a great asset to the offense. We won't know anything until they play Buffalo so relax jetfans and hope they stay healthy. We won the game in that area for sure!!
    Not about winning at all. It's about giving up 5 sacks in 25 pass attempts, not giving backs any room to gain yards, and not being able to get off the field on 3rd dowm...all problems a year ago.

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    I really liked the pace of Soprano's O. We should be able to get our O off the field in record time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winstonbiggs View Post
    I really liked the pace of Soprano's O. We should be able to get our O off the field in record time.
    also that punt was blocked faster than others i've witnessed.

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    Coples looks like a keeper and the D should be tough again his season.

    The offense, as mentioned before, needs lots of work.

    Not sure how many games the D can win for the team but they'll have to score some points. I see a few low scoring games in the Jets future.

    Always take the under in total points and you should make some money this season.

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    There is a ton of excuse making in this thread. Reality is the offense looked like crap. The O-line was terrible. This is how the O looked last preseason and it was an arbiter of things to come. Watching the game last night the thing that struck me was how shakey Sanchez plays when he faces the rush. Great QB's step up and deliver when pressured. Sanchez has not shown that he can adjust. As a positive the D looked pretty good. Scott got beat in coverage however and it makes one wonder if he has simply lost it. Luckily Davis looked good so the replacement is waiting in the wings. Not much positive to take from that game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisjets23 View Post
    Jets almost used this first game as a walk-through type of game. Gameplan was extremely simple and vanilla and I had no problem with that. I think the coaches just wanted to see who was going to compete hard and play smart, rather than worrying about the W or L. Glad to see Coples played a lot and showed some promise. People on this board were already killing him before he even played a snap.
    Sane post and an astute observation.....

    Thank you!!!


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