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Thread: How was Coples?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TampaBayJet View Post
    Statistics are taken with a grain of salt during preseason performance, but I'd have to say that 5 tackles, two for loses, 1 sack which caused a fumble was pretty impressive for a rookie defensive end who's making his NFL debut.
    agreed. I had to bite my tongue when I read about his motor issues a few posts ago. What the heck game was that guy watching. The guy got tired playing all those snaps in that heat and it was his first NFL game! Yet some KIA thinks he has motor problems! Where the heck do we get these posters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechJet View Post
    JetsMakeMeCry! you make me weepin and moanin and gnashin of teeth!
    weepin and moanin and gnashin of teeth.........patsy troll.
    i wish i could respond but i have no clue what you're saying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob0729 View Post
    Not really. Chandler Jones mostly played against the ones and dominated a Pro Bowl LT. Belichick pulled him midway through the second quarter. Jones only played 26 snaps and played every down in the first quarter vs. the 1s. Coples played 50% more plays with 39 and was a rotational guy in the first quarter and didn't play every down vs. the 1s. If Jones played three and a half quarters, he probably would have had similar or better stats than Coples. In 26 snaps, Jones had 5 QB pressures, drew 2 holding calls, and had two stuffs. Coples amassed all his stats vs. the 2s and 3s.

    I watched both players play and Jones played better because he did what he did against better competition (the first string). Coples didn't really impress until he played the back ups.

    Just give Chandler the DROY Award already and get it over with.

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