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    My Thoughts

    1. First off it's preseason, so take everything with a grain of salt. For example we beat the Bengals last year 27-7 and they made the playoffs and we didn't. Or the ultimate example, Lions 4-0 in preseason, 0-16 in the regular season.

    2. Sanchez didn't look good, but he didn't look bad either. He doesn't have his full arsenal of players their and also wasn't given good protection.

    3. Tebow, made some nice plays running the ball, but their is just so much off when it comes to the mechanics of being a successful throwing QB. His timing, footwork and delivery are just bad, but I still believe he can be an asset when it comes to running the ball.

    4. The starting o-line, not a good night, but its being a little overblown. The first sack came from an overload blitz where their was just more rushers than blockers and Mauluga came free, so it wasn't one of our guys getting beat physically, just a mental breakdown or Sanchez not recognizing it and calling it out, which can be fixed with film study. On the second sack it was on Cumberland, not the line and Cumberland is just not a capable pass blocker. He is basically a WR playing TE, but the coaches should know that and he should only be in the game to catch the ball, not block.

    5. Our D-line has the potential to be awesome. Wilkerson looks way more powerful than last year and was pushing the pocket with looked like ease. Ellis has improved very much over last year and his power showed. On one play I saw him take the center #64 and just bullrush about 7 yards backwards, Jenkins style. Coples had a great debut, holding his own against the run with 2 TFL, a strip sack and a batted pass. This is no Vernon Gholston. And for the more unknown guys, Jay Richardson was flashing a lot. Definitely a guy to look out for to make the roster. Also don't forget Pou'ha wasn't playing, one of the best NT's in the league. Lot of potential here.

    6. Some negatives, our running game didn't show much, but it could have been a product of some mediocre line play and going up against a talented defense in the Bengals. I just don't see it Powell, he doesn't seem to have a feel for running the ball, just no vision and struggled in pass pro. McKnight definitely looked better. Scott and Pace struggled in coverage, but I fully expect Davis to take over that duty for Scott once the season starts. Maybin was invisible rushing the QB and was getting beat up in the run game. He will not being taking over as a starting OLB anytime soon, too much of a liability in the run game, where Thomas and Pace excel, but he will have role as a third down specialist again, even if it didn't show tonight.

    And that pretty much wraps it up and remember it's only game one of the preseason, don't take it so seriously.

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    I was paying attention to Maybin quite a bit. I was impressed that he definitely looked more stout than he did last year. But I was also struck that he didn't seem to have good football sense to diagnose a play and make his speed an asset.

    When he's asked to pin his ears back and rush the QB - I think he can be productive. But as a pure LB, he looked way too passive to make it as a starter.

    Aside from the individual highlights noted elsewhere, the game was just crappy. No rhythm, no feel - no one seemingly playing as a unit/team. 1st preseason game, so okay. But next week against the Giants is actually important IMO - not so much win/lose but do the Jets show up focused and better prepared to play as a team?

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    good review

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    Great break down. Other then the run game I'm right with you on this. Really thought Greene played well. He really pounded the DL hard early on. Set himself up nice if that had been a full game. Also made them adjust their LBs to help after that 6 yarder. Yeah not a bunch of yards but he really needs at least 15 touches to do his damage. I also loved the explosiveness McKnight showed.

    It is really hard to call Sanchez out on this one. Didn't play bad and was throwing to the 3rd team. Really why was White out there with the 1st team? Kerley, Holmes, and Schil where all banged up. Not sure why Keller was phased out either. The OL just seemed tired as well. Mangold was just running the motions. I guess he is still feeling that long flight from London. On a side note it should be noted Vlad actually made a few good blocks. All and all this is a game where we where looking at a lot of guys that have yet to make the team so I agree no need to get uppity.


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