Itís the beginning of the preseason but it is not, as some feel as being ďtoo earlyĒ.
We are definitely still in the period of adjustments and improvements but my team, our team ,demonstrated that it requires considerably more than just tweaking.
The major areas of concern have not been addressed and I donít know why.
Do I know more about the JETS or football for that matter than Rex, Tanny and the staff? Clearly Iím not even close. But how can fans like me identify areas of weakness that the brains trust is not recognizing, unwilling or incapable of addressing?

August 10 2012 (JETS at Bengals)

Positives: Davis LB
Coples DE
McKnight RB
Griffin Oline 2s

Honourable Mention: Ducase, Y Bell, Pace, starting D line, Hill WR

Negatives: The entire O-line ( less Mangold), Brick
played at RT and was just hot garbage
LBs becoming a concern, Scott is literally PUP

Honourable Mention: Trufant cut him now to beat the rush

Observations: Sanchez is not completely blameless but with the Oline in worse shape than ever, non-existent blocking TEs, and no available WRs itís difficult to prioritize what to fix first.

It should be noted that Tebow is better equipped to run the offense if the conditions mentioned above donít change. May god be merciful.

Doesnít anyone from the front office share my concerns?